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Eyewitness Rebel Stories: Speak up and be heard!

The Autumn Rebellion saw a huge increase in numbers since the last big rebellion in April. Many of these supporters found themselves on the streets on 7th October protesting, for the first time in their lives, for a reality we can no longer ignore: the animal and climate emergency. Hear from two first time rebels who joined Animal Rebellion on day 1.

Cargill family, a historic choice is upon you: planetary destruction or climate, animal and human justice?

An open letter from Animal Rebellion to the ‘silent giant’ that holds the fate of many of the world’s forests, billions of worlds’ farmed animals and much of the global food-system in its grip.

Beware! Rebellion really can transform your life

A month or so before the October International Rebellion began, five of us from the political strategy group of Animal Rebellion sat down in our London offices to take our plans back to the drawing board.

Animal Rebellion at VegFest 2019

Feeling the Rebellion blues? Didn’t get to take part? Want to know more about Animal Rebellion and their role in averting climate breakdown?

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