Animal Rebellion's Strategy

In solidarity with Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion will mobilise 10,000 animal advocates for a two-week Rebellion in London, beginning October 7th. We will take part in non-violent civil disobedience to demand system change, and make sure the need to end animal farming and fishing, and transition to a plant-based food system, is central to this conversation. 

We are in communication to take action alongside Extinction Rebellion because they are growing more powerful every day. In April they achieved a cultural breakthrough when they took over London for two weeks, had over 1,000 people arrested, were on the front pages of the news, and got the UK Government to declare a Climate Emergency. We’ve been inspired by this success and believe it will continue if more of us join. We believe that this movement is the route to ending the industries of animal farming and fishing, and achieving justice for animals, because we know that climate catastrophe and ecological collapse cannot be averted while these industries continue to exist. 

Extinction Rebellion is demanding a citizens' assembly that is given the power to legislate and act in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse. What this means for us includes an end to the industries of animal agriculture and fishing, and to transition the UK to a sustainable and just plant-based food system by 2025. This will involve the provision of justice for farmed animals, to include recognition of their resistance to exploitation and their liberation from animal agriculture, fishing and other unjust practices.

We are promoting mass “above the ground” civil disobedience for animals, in full public view. This means economic disruption to shake the current political system and the industries themselves, and civil disruption to raise awareness. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this causes to ordinary people, but we act out of urgency and necessity.

We practise and emphasise non-violence in all our protests, both for strategic reasons, and to create the world we wish to see.

We will mobilise and train organisers to build Animal Rebellion groups locally, developing the tools each group needs to address local and global problems together.

We have made some decisions about security and our interactions with the police. We have made a strategic decision to communicate with the police about what we are doing when we believe that is more likely to enable things to go well (which we can’t always be sure of). Except for the case where a small group is trying to do a specific action that needs the element of surprise, we generally don’t try to be secure in our communications about plans. We expect that we will be infiltrated by those without our best interests at heart and suggest people bear this in mind.

Our Values

We believe in a world where all individuals of all species can flourish, free from exploitation and the worst threats of the climate emergency...

Our Demands

All partners in this ‘movement of movements’ are calling for the same demands on government to bring about the changes we urgently need...

Our Culture

Animal Rebellion has a regenerative culture. We place love, care, respect, honesty and integrity at the core of what we do...

Support the Rebellion...

We are a mass volunteer movement. If you want to get involved in any way, full-time or part-time, at home or on the streets, fill out our volunteer form!